Arabic Language

Definition of the program

This program offers Arabic language skills for non-native speakers: listening skills, conversational skills, reading skills, and writing skills. The program focuses on the requirements of each of the basics, foundations, and technical tools that train students to understand the sound, as well as sound reading free of misspellings and grammatical and focuses on writing from the letters and then the word through the sentence and paragraph and phrase, and to the text without errors.

The program is limited to training students on the accuracy of expression, the validity of language structures by presenting selected texts for reading, and also to develop the role of these skills new technical means away from memorization and conservation.

In addition to the above, the student is prepared to submit the Arabic language exam by adopting the EDEXCEL curriculum and training on previous years of the exam.

This program is one of the most important means to achieve the objectives of the Institute, which improves the level of students in Arabic language to be able to join Islamic studies in Arabic.

Program Goals

The main objective of this program is to enable students to acquire the language skills that enable them to use the Arabic language according to the level required to enroll in Islamic studies at the European Institute and in British universities.

program duration

The duration of the study starts from one to three years. Which is equivalent to 6 semesters, at the end of each semester a final test is conducted according to the study plan of the Institute.

Certificates given at the end of the program

After completion of all graduation requirements, the student will receive the graduation certificate and the grade-related scorecard completed at 3 levels:

Level 1: Arabic Language Certificate for Beginners.

Level 2: GCSE Certificate.

Level 3: A-LEVEL (AS )

Level 4: A-LEVEL  (A2)

Certificate will then be awarded the A-LEVEL completion certificate

The curriculum adopted in the program

This program is based on the Institute’s first-level program and the combination of its own curriculum and the decision adopted by EDEXEEL for the GCSE, AS-A2

Study times and number of hours

Timing:  The times are subject to change to fit everyone.

Days: 1 day.

Hours: 3 hours

Teaching Language: A mixture of Arabic and English.

References : (Key book Arabic 1-2-3) The reference to the student after the completion of registration according to the system adopted by the Institute.

Conditions of admission to the program

  • The age must be 18 years or more.
  • The applicant must be a regular resident in Britain.
  • To make a recommendation or recommendation from a known scientific or advocacy institution.

Documents required in the registration :

  1. Application for the program.
  2. Identity card or residence card.
  3. 1 solar images.

Registration Time: Any time of the year.

study fees

faculty of school

The faculty members of the Institute are characterized by the following specifications:

  • They have higher degrees in Arabic, Islamic studies and translation.
  • Experienced in teaching Arabic language to speakers and non-speakers.
  • Experienced in the teaching of Edexcel courses.
  • Members of the Arabic language correction committees at Edexcel and the most famous British universities.

What this program is distinguished from the other programs available

The most important feature of this program in addition to the above is the combination of academic degrees recognized in British and international universities, and the level of language that qualifies the student to study Islamic and Arabic sciences in Arabic at the European Institute or in other universities and colleges